– SimWorks by Panaracer – THE HOMAGE is NOW AVAILABLE!!!


Finally, we are going to introduce SimWorks’ the latest brand to you today, SimWorks by Panaracer. We collaborate with a bicycle components maker we proudly present to the world,Panaracer, and this will be the first time of our original tire and now finally it is available.


We call it ‘THE HOMAGE’. Some people at NAHBS noticed by its semi-slick pattern, and we refined this, Mach SS’ tread tire which was a representative model of semi-slick tire in the era of 26 inches, into for gravel ride and all-terrain. We think that what we are thinking will fit the idea of what riders need in these days and we also use the latest casing and compound of Gravel King and it becomes incredible high performance tire much better than Mach SS.

Aramid fibered tire bead and there are 2 sizes, 700x43c and 650x43b. We would like to show you the regular color version, black tread x black sidewall

We are also planning to launch black x brown side, and light green x skin side one at a time and also we hope that we are able to pay homage to its bicycle history itself by our own style.
SimWorks by Panaracer

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SimWorks by Panaracer

SIZE : 700c (622) & 650b (584)
Width : 43mm
WEIGHT : 650b / AVE. 520g   700c / AVE. 560g
Price : $58.00- (tax not included)
SimWorks by Panaracer / The Homage

One more thing that we would like to talk about this item here.

A lot of people might wonder if this tire can be compatible with tubeless or not?

To tell you the truth, our answer will be “WE HOPE SO”. The reason is that there are 2 regulations in this tubeless tire world such as β vs VHS kind a stuff. We really don’t know how exactly will fit perfectly or slightly fit into these things.

Which means that you need to try it on.

Only thing that we are sure about is that Velocity or Stan’s can be used.  

However, please understand that we are not able to say “we are ready for tubeless”.

What we want you to do is that we would like you to use rather than caring about the spec too much. Its air volume and the best tread pattern can bring something much better ride than just thinking about a little thing.

SimWorks by Panaracer / The Homage
If you want to travel around the world, tubed tire will be the best anyways.

Now ‘THE HOMAGE’ is available at SimWorks WebShop.

If you need to know more about this item and would like to buy some, then please contact SImWorks USA dealers at your place.

Now it is a time to start exploring into the new world.

God speed with you!!!