【New Rear Carrier】SimWorks by Nitto – Off The Road

This new ‘Off The Road’ rack is, so-to-speak, a wider and heavier-duty version of the ‘On The Road’ rack. It was developed for off-roaders who wish to load more and travel further. Fit is tailored through our clever ‘Denden’ bolt height adjustment for the rack ‘limbs’ and Daruma-secured connection rods. Fit and finish is sublimely Nitto- as always.

When you ride a bicycle, you grasp a kind of omnipotence- that “the coordinates of yourself are freely positioned”. Some people may dismiss this as an illusion, yet others realize that what was visible on the road is not the only path, and that moment of clarity opens up new doors and worlds to explore.

It seems that the number of people who have shifted to “off-the-beaten-path” riding is growing steadily these days; Intrepid souls aiming for a grounded connection to the natural world- like ink scattered on paper, or pins on a map.

Your search has ended for a rear carrier to transport you further. Welded with the ‘Off The Road’ mentality of a sweeping elegant curve- it is a functional and ample solution for a cosmic navigation machine that seamlessly roams through our increasingly entropic world.