[SimWorks by NITTO] “Misirlou Bar” New Size Releasing!

450 and 470-01

“Basketball is also not also doing volleyball. But bike we ride,,,”  It is a good news for you of a high stature.

New size was join the classic handle “Misirlou Bar” of SimWorks by Nitto.   There was a hot offer from the height 2m-class big cyclists like Big Bike Builders. (They also feature daily kindness!)   We somehow heard and asked Nitto,  then we have succeeded in this time mass production.


Material : Heat Treated Aluminum
Width : 370,390,410,430,450,470mm
Center diam. : 31.8mm
Bar diam. : 23.8mm
Reach : 85mm
Drop : 140mm
Color : High Polish & Gloss Black


Price: 88.00 USD


Lineup of the largest 470mm as a drop handle in the world. Since the durability performance we have of course went through rigorous testing of Nitto Standard, you can use with peace of mind even in like anyone.


* Please use this handle bar only on-road and cross-field for the sake of safety.