【SimWorks by NITTO】 AnnaLee-S is back!!

Of the various stem offerings available from SimWorks by NITTO, the Anna Lee-S Stem- which is the 26.0 mm handlebar clamp diameter version of the equally lovely Anna Lee Stem- these 2 in particular stick out for their beautiful shapes and proportions.

The fillet brazed and plated chromoly stem is a gorgeous complement to your bicycle’s cockpit. We are pleased to have fresh stock on the Anna Lee-S, as well as availability on most sizes of her oversized sister. 

And from this time, 80mm is added to the lineup as well. Now you can use this modern chromoly stem even for smaller riders and those who want a more compact cockpit!

SimWorks by NITTO
Anna Lee-S Stem

Material :    CrMo Steel
Angle :    75deg.
Extension :    80, 90, 100, 110mm
Bar Clamp :    26.0mm
Post diam. :    28.6mm
Post Stack Height. :    72mm
*minimum insertion depth-68mm
Color :    Chrome Plated / Black


Anna Lee-S’ aesthetics blend beautifully with a steel bike that has a slender top tube, and by combining it with a handlebar with a bar clamp diameter of 26.0 mm, it gives a sense of security and moderate flexibility in limitless applications, including spirited road rides, gravel riding and particularly long distance touring- where relief from fatigue is enthusiastically welcomed.  We promise a great ride.

The following 3 models are recommended SimWorks handlebars to combine seamlessly with Anna Lee-S.

So Bar

So Bar is focused on being the most comfortable drop handlebar. It is a wonderful choice that can be widely utilized from long distance touring to rough road riding.


Co-Misirlou Bar

A classic shape and focus on versatility blend to make the Co-Misirlou a favorite shape available in a wide spectrum of widths for a variety of riders and applications.

To Smile Bar

The To Smile bar made for the cyclist who rides further in the wilderness has available flared widths of 520mm and 560mm. It’s an excellent choice for a dirt-drop style bike for riding off road and gravel.

【What’s New!】from Sim Solutions

SimWorks By NITTO
Denden Bolt

M6 x 65mm / 2 = 1 set
* The minimum insertion depth of the adjustment bolt is 15 mm.


Denden Bolt, is a stainless steel adjustable-height bolt used on the legs of the updated ‘Potluck’ Rack and ‘On The Road’ Rack.

Using this denden bolt allows each rack to accommodate frames of various sizes, giving shop mechanics and consumers alike the ability to tailor the fit and level of their quality Nitto rack products.

In the unlikely event that the denden bolt attached to the rack is damaged, use this product as a replacement/repair product.



If you have any questions regarding various SimWorks original products, please feel free to contact us at: contact@sim-works.com