【NEW PRODUCT】SimWorks by Hoshi

SimWorks’ new brand “SimWorks by Hoshi” has a lineup of products jointly developed with Hoshi Kogyo Co., Ltd., which produces spokes for bicycles produced in Japan, and has the distinction of being the only NJS certified spoke manufacturer.


Peregrine spokes have the potential to build a wheel that is responsive to input. At the same time, it is given the property of being hard but hard to break through unique processing. Drawn from SUS304 stainless steel, the material has a slight brown tinge, and its unique look is also characteristic.


Condor spokes have been commercialized with the aim of being supple, tough, and suitable for touring cycles. Adopted from Hoshi’s Star Bright spokes. It is famous as the only model in Japan that has been approved (NJS) for bicycle racing. Extremely durable spokes made of SUS430 stainless steel.


Each spoke set includes a color matched set of brass nipples- in a global standard 3.2 mm size. As an option, Simworks is pleased to also offer a raw brass nipple that while not offering quite the same service life as their plated counterparts, offer a distinct appearance that will only improve with age.