SimWorks by Honjo “A series of hexagonal pattern fender”

A mudguard by Honjo is well known for a beautiful hexagonal pattern. No one will know how to make this style except the people who work there. This is an authentic original product that nobody is not able to imitate a beauty of itself.

Do you know that a roughness and its each bend of a hexagonal pattern lined up evenly supports each other in order to produce a strength? (Recently, a simple and fake hexagonal pattern embossed goods are seen everywhere around, but it actually reduces a strength of Aluminum itself and produces several issues since the lack of strength.) This is the masterpiece that you can see an authentic beauty of function and form by a high skill and simple structure.

In addition of Turtle 58, which is a new product, we have 3 kinds of hexagonal pattern fenders at SimWorks. As a set of rear and front, standard stye kit will be included.

Price will be excluding tax.




Turtle 35 700c /  98.00 USD





Turtle 44 700c  /  98.00 USD





Turtle 58 650B / 110.00 USD






An aluminum plate goes through a form and proficient craftsman makes it into a “R” shape without unnecessary moves. This fender, which is handmade carefully, enhances the presence of bicycle. Of course, a performance as a mudguard is perfect, light, highly durable, and more over it is very comfortable to ride in a rainy day.

However, in order to attach this fender to your frame, you might need to go through some complicated ways. It depends on not only your frame shape and size, but also a shape of your brake and tire.


Sim Works mudguard by Honjo does not have any screw holes for attachment. The reason why it doesn’t have any holes is because that you need to make a perfect fitting for your own bike by making holes for suitable places. Once you put a lot of efforts and loves for this inconvenient method to install a fender to your bike, you cannot help loving your own bike more than ever. Why don’t you pursue a beauty of this fender? It will expand your ideas and styles to something that you will never know and it will connect to a community that you always wanted to be.

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