SimWorks by gunung



We slightly changed our original leather bar tape ‘SimRoll’ releasing from SimWorks by gunung. Keeping a genuine leather quality but thinner than before and improving better comfortableness to hold a handle bar including it fit feeling. Moreover, having an original carved stamp on a bar end cap and authentic crocodile pattern is carefully embossed.


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A leather used for SimRoll is embossed and dyed in Banshu, Hyogo prefecture which is well-known for Japanese traditional leather processing. After all these processes, it will be cut into a shape of a bar tape and pressed evenly in Asakusa, Tokyo. It travels from a city to another city and a craftsman to another craftsman and finally it arrives at gunung studio to be finished.


Price : 86.00 USD (tax excluded)
Material : Cowhide
Pattern : Crocodile
Color : Brown / Navy / Green / White


gunung is a small workshop studio located in Minami Ashikaga-city, Kanagawa prefecture with a theme of ‘LIFE WITH A BICYCLE’. It has been more than 10 years making something worth with scrap materials such as tires and tubes and it becomes not only just ‘RECYCLE’ but also ‘UPCYCLE’. I would like you to feel their products with an idea of bicyclist and also a heart of sustainability.

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