【Strawfoot NEW RELEASE!!!】Simple Bar Bag

Have you ever thought that you wanted to bring various items for assisting your bike ride before?

Here it is.

We would like to introduce Simple Bar Bag to you in order to fulfill your simple desire.

When you go outside to ride a bike, first you are going to think about is to reduce what you bring with you or put whatever you need in your back pockets in your cycle jersey or seat bag… However, this Simple Bar Bag can make your ride much richer and enjoyable with a camera, a coffee tumbler and etc… and also the strongest advantage of this item is that you can open and close this bag super easily while you are riding. Of course you can put your wind jacket and vest for a cold weather.

Simple Bar Bag

$79.00- (USD)

Color : Olive x Oak, Oak x Tan, Rust x Orange, Black x Black
Size :
Top : Width 21cm, Length 5cm
Bottom : Width 21cm, Length 10cm
Height : 11cm
Capacity : about 1.7ℓ
Material : Waxed Canvas
Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California

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This is a collaboration work with Strawfoot. They usually use nylon material for their handle bar bag, but we requested 2 colors waxed canvas in order to make a special one. It is very simple structure that you just hang onto a handle bar with 1 inch width nylon strap. Its unique trapezoid shape on the side is considered to be looked beautifully when the bag is hanging on the bar. We, of course, attach an outer cable and a code for the head tube in order to reduce fluttering when you ride. Maximum capacity is 1.7ℓ. You can put your camera, portable air pump, handmade snacks, or something that you don’t wanna carry in your back pockets on your jersey and seat bag. This is A superior item ever to make your ride better.

Regardless of your on & off road style, you are able to enjoy your ride perfectly. Also please use Simple Seat Bag as well as Road Wrap for your ride together.

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Why don’t you attach Simple Seat Bag we talked about last time and also a standard Strawfoot item, Road Wrap, on your bike and go out.

Simple Seat Bag

$67.00- (USD)

Color : Olive x Oak, Oak x Tan, Rust x Orange, Black x Black
Size : Width : 5cm Length : 14cm Height : 7.5cm
Capacity : about 530ml
Material : Waxed Canvas
Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California

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Usually they use nylon fabric for their saddle bag, but We asked them to use 2 colors waxed canvas fabric instead. It is a simple structure that has 1 inch width nylon strap in order to attach on a saddle rail. If you dont ride with you bike together, then you can open up the mouth widely and store whatever you think it will fit. The maximum storage capacity is: 29er tube x 1 or rode tube x 2, tire lever, Co2 cylinder.

Road Wrap

$50.00- (USD)

Color: Black, Charcoal, Orange, Navy, Brown
Material : Waxed Canvas
Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California

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Main Strawfoot’s materials are waxed canvas and natural leather. This small seat bag with all these materials is called “Road Wrap”. You can put spare tubes, tire levers, some small tools, or even your money into this and wrap it up and attach it to your seat. Sometimes it is good to think something simply and bring your minimum necessary. The more you use this leather strap, the more is has a deep texture and has more rich taste with wrinkles and oil stain. As you know already, KASHIMAX stainless buckle is the accent point of this wrapper.

Please see more information about their products on the link below

All these items are available at your nearest SimWorks USA dealer shops  or our official webstore.