The Return of the Potluck Rack

Text by SimWorks / Photo by SimWorks

Welcome back Potluck Rack. You took a long trip to come back..

Just like the hero wandered around the wilderness and gained fellows and the level rose, and finally the man learned the new spell and came back.


Potluck Rack

SimWorks by Nitto
$188.00- (USD)


■ HP(Hit Point) is up! (More durable mainstay)
All tubings in the previous model were 9 mm in diameter, but new model got upgraded to the thicker and stronger mainstay tubings in 10 mm diameter. In addition, reinforcing lugs were added to the joint of the substay and got stronger legs.

■ Learned a new spell! (Threaded Height Adjuster)
20mm length of adjustment bolts are provided at the bottom part of the legs from this production, so that it became more flexibly set up for the position of the eyelet and the outer diameter of the tires.

*The minimum insertion amount of adjustment bolt is 15mm.


You can also ask and find at SimWorks Authorized Dealer shops.

Platform size is 200mm x 200mm square.

Please contact us if you ride to a party with a freshly baked pie carried on the Potluck Rack. Designers of this rack will cry with happiness.

Those photos are from Daily Ride to Light Touring.. Just an introduction of items that colorfully color your bike life.

Have a good day !!