RAL ‘Tabby Long’

Leading hectic lives, we’re constantly on the go- transitioning from home to work, eking out some hours in the outdoors, and stopping off at the cafe or tap house along the way. Riding, hustling, skating to and fro. We need to keep our feet warm and supported especially during these busy times and when the weather is changing so quickly and dramatically.

Tabby- a ‘tabi-shaped’ sock was born of the desire to keep us supported and leading healthy and active lives.

We’re pleased to offer a new option in the Tabby line of socks from RAL- Tabby Long- a taller and heavier-duty sock that will provide comfort, support and adequate coverage in these cooler and wetter months.

With a thicker and softer pile than other Tabby offerings- Tabby Long offers added warmth and comfort- while still effectively regulating temperature and moisture. Through a carefully selected mix of materials, Tabby Long transitions seamlessly through a range of life’s environments, offering the comfort and support you need to get through a dynamic day.

The quintessential ‘Tabi-style’ stocking with the free big toe adds a level of tactile sensation not available in a more traditional sock, and opens up the possibility for the sock to be warn with a broader range of footwear-including thong style outdoor sandals and indoor house shoes.

COLORS : Navy / Orange / Gray, Mustard / Brown / Bordeaux, Gray / Blue / Charcoal
SIZES: S (23-24.5 cm), M (25-27 cm), L (27.5-29.5 cm), XL (30-cm)
MATERIALS : Acrylic 34%, Merino Wool 23%, Polyester 23%, Cotton 11%, Nylon 3%,  Polyethylene 3%, Polyurethane 3%