【RAL】Pack It Right!!

Text by Simworks USA

Cyan, magenta, and yellow are newly added to the existing orange, green, and black range. These three new colors are spec’d with aluminum buckles. As with all Pack it Right straps, they are constructed of polyurethane with a UV-resistant additive to prolong their lifecycle. Nylon buckle options boast being non-marring, non-conductive and non-reflective.

The number of bright colors has increased, so there’s an opportunity for all to express themselves and coordinate your palette with these endlessly sensible straps


A versatile product with infinite usage. We are “bound” only by our imaginations!


It’s a wise and crafty soul who can lash together and carry “anything” by simply winding it around and securing a basic buckle. I’ll bring the firewood!

The straps are made by VOILE, of Utah, here in the US of A- a core supplier of the winter sports industry with time-tested and well designed products for use in backcountry, alpine trekking and telemark skiing. The straps have for decades been a common sight on skin tracks and boot packs in pristine winter mountain environments.

A simple, inexpensive, extremely durable solution for binding luggage, bottles to frames, affixing tools to packs and frames- the straps have found an endless range of uses in the bicycle world as well.


Easy to install!


In addition to the familiar usage of tying to a basket or rack like this …
Of course, it is OK to use it on snowy mountains where it really shows its power.

It is also interesting to find an uncommon use that suits your lifestyle.

If you check in on Instagram of the original VOILE STRAPS, theres an endless array of various ways to use it, so check in and let your creativity blossom!



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