Story of the mushroom ketchup

Is it 5 o’clock in the evening yet? It’s still bright. But I didn’t think the sun was so intense. Everyone is wearing sunglasses.

I made a mistake in the drop address and was a little late. At times like this, the dispatcher who was frustrated at the previous company, made me sick, but that’s not the case here. I don’t think I can do it one by one. Now it’s a phone call anyway. The 2-way radio- which I thought was a messenger icon, is no longer used here because it gets cross-talked and always drops service in this city

If you contact the boss at this time, you will be asked if you want to be done or press on with more deliveries.

“I’m going to call it a day for today.”

There was a book I was reading in the cheap hotel room where I was staying, and I was thinking of going home and reading it. This book is a Japanese novel I bought the first few days when I arrived here when I was nervous that I couldn’t understand the language at all. It’s interesting, but there are 3 volumes and it’s quite long, so I wanted to read it early.

“Okay, Z. Tonight, the girl who used to run in my house is coming to play. If you like, come on.”

“Yeah, then I’ll go around 7 o’clock.”

I went back to the inn and greeted uncle at reception to get the key. I read my book while eating a roast beef sandwich I bought in the morning and saved only half of it. It was 7 o’clock so I went to the office.

The person in the office was a short-cut, intelligent but very charming and lovely woman who was the first female dispatcher in the city. While eating the sushi pack she took out, I talked about my favorite music that inspired me to come here, and I was surprised that she was close friends with a member of my favorite Japanese band. The boss at that time said:

“I got a good one, do you want to smoke?”

She gave me a cigarette wrapped in paper. She said she didn’t need it and I took it and smoked.

From there, my memory is unclear. The sofa I was sitting on sank, and when I thought I was in the sofa, it sank again a step lower. The conversation I can hear between the boss and her can be made out in Japanese. It seems that he was endlessly laughing.

 The street you are used to running looks like a mysterious landscape. The building may be moving finely like a short grass swaying in the wind, its shape is not constant, and the entrance and windows disappear and reappear. I’m not sure if it’s daytime or nighttime in the first place. How long will it last? Can I get to the inn?

Finally, before greeting the uncle at reception, I braced on the desk in the lobby to get back to my sanity. The inn resident is talking to uncle at reception. Only uncle’s voice became louder and louder, and it became something familiar. Yes, this voice is the voice of a modern musician I saw in a video a long time ago. Thankfully I speak in Japanese.

“According to the lecture I heard, there are 75 kinds of females and 150 kinds of male mushrooms … The more you know of the world, the more mysterious it becomes.”

… I’m full of questions I can’t answer yet.

…I always want to be alive and creative without getting inspiration … but if you have mushrooms in the air, you can always get inspiration.

…Yes, my breakfast tomorrow will be bacon & egg with Mushroom Ketchup as usual.