Love L.A, Love Tacos.

Text by Shinya Tanaka

It was almost about 3 years ago.
When I established SimWorks U.S.A. and decided our first pop-up shop at GSC, Rie screamed out that she had someone who needs to be invited.

She was saying, “There is a guy who serve vegan tacos as a bike catering and we really need to ask him to be a part of our pop-up shop, don’t you think?

Because, me and Keita, and we are all connected through bike catering right?”

We practically forced him to serve the customer free 100 tacos and the day did come.

100 tacos founder, Mick showed up with his beloved MIYATA along with hand-made rear carrier.

We could taste the heaven even before we ate!!!

This is how we started getting involved in each other and asked him a catering all the time when we had a pop-up shop in LA since then. I actually encountered an amazing item through their posting on Instagram which could be coincident or inevitable.

It’s just an ordinary stem with a sticker on.

And it just says, TACOS…

WoW!!! I was jumping off from my chair and decided to make this!!!

I can tell you this now. It’s going back to the story why I started SimWorks.

To put it simply, it was because Salsa company stopped producing Chromoly stem.

The best stem ever for us at that time said good-bye to us all of a sudden. It was a part that we needed absolutely in order to assemble cool and reasonable chromoly bikes.

When I heard the news, I felt that the world was goind down, but at the same time I thought that I needed to do somehting, so I asked NITTO to make a stem for us, but it was denied. However, I didn’t want to give up so I asked them again that we should do a collaboration work for Interbike in the U.S.

Finally, they accepted my offer and started a history of RHONDA and Tomboy.

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Turn your jokes into reality! 💫🌶 #100tacos

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On the other hand, 100 Tacos, Mick, he is a true American bike kitchen dude who thinks how to assemble a bike without spending so much money.

Here is a proverb I came up with from his idea. “Spend your knowledge, not the money for your commuting bikes!!!”

Rather than way more expensive “ORIGINAL” parts on e-bay, it’s 100 times cooler to have anyone can buy easily new collaborated items by 100 Tacos and SimWorks.

Now, I’m going to stop talking about whatever now. I would like to present you our amazing collaborated new item, called SPICY TACOS STEM !!!

Spicy Tacos Stem

Material : CrMo Steel
Extension: 100mm
Style : 25.4mm / 90 deg. & 26.0mm / 75 deg.
Post Diam : 22.2mm
Color : Black
Made in Japan by NITTO
Price : $100.00- (USD)

Our god told us, “We need a quill stem saying ‘TACOS’ on”. It’s probably called inspiration, but it might be rare to see someone who are passionated to make something in shape in these days. We wanted to, and we needed to. So, we started talking with ‘TACOS MAN’ to make it happen. To whom play and laugh hard, also get hungry after all, we would like you to take a look at this SPICY TACOS STEM which decorates your favorite bike whether it’s old or new.

It is a limited edition item only producing 100 because of 100 tacos.
If you need it, you better hurry to get it since each size has a limit quantity.

At the same time, we would like to introduce you some of 100 Tacos soft goods as well.

Spicy Tacos Hat

Material : 100% Cotton. 12oz duck canvas (Tougher cotton canvas)
Size: One fits All
Color : Black
Made in U.S.A
Price : $58.00- (USD)

100 Tacos Spicy Hat is made in LA with a gold top part just like a top cap on a stem has a special logo which cannot be ignored for the people who love Tacos and Bicycle. It’s 12oz duck canvas, you will enjoy changing the appearance day by day. So you wear it, and eat Tacos everyday!!!

This is also a limited item we offer, so please hurry to get it in your hands.

3D Printed T-shirt

Material : 100% Cotton
Size: S, M & L
Color : White body with 3D Print
Printed by 100 Tacos
Price : ¥4,800- (JPY)

When you use 3D eye glasses, the letter pops out because it’s printed by 3D Print with a word of Step Into Third Dimension. Let’s wear this Tee in this real 3D world , and work hard and play harder. Now, it’s a tacos time after all.

The important thing we like to share is a special feeling that connects everyone steadily.

We believe that spreading the world together with interesting people in the world is the origin of a progressive power and healthy thing.