Love from Oregon

Text by Toyoshige Ikeyama

As some of you already know that I am now in Portland City, Oregon.

I participated in NAHBS 2017 and now I came back here again in order to complete a very important mission.

My connecting flight was in Seattle and it was afternoon when I arrived in PDX. Rainy season was over finally since last week and now soft sunshine welcomed me once I stepped outside.

After the airplane landed at the airport, I immediately took myself to bike assembling area right after the baggage claim area. Yes, I am going to stay here about 3 months, so I absolutely brought my bike.

This assembling area has everything to complete your bike to go outside to ride even after the long long flight trip. United States has a huge land that we cannot express by our hands, so that people who live here use an airplane as our train in Japan. Especially Portland, as a bicycle town, everywhere welcome those who ride bike anywhere in this city.

In the city, people use bicycle as a part of their life and it seems there are more commuters than I saw before. This is my first time to visit in this season and now I am very much attracted to this amazing breeze and sunshine altogether.

From the airport, I headed to this place. Yes, this is “SimWorks USA office” as I mentioned before on my diary. I, now, run this office by myself after Makoto and what I need to do is to make this office more alive and hand it to the other next time.

I absolutely want to see so many people here and do my best in 3 months. As Circles and Simworks, I am going to report what I see and feel through every kind of aspect in this city.

In the very next day, as a SimWorks style, I asked Oscar and his daughter to go to PumpTrack, and then next I saw them, they already had their full face helmet on and waiting for me…

A daytime is long and it is bright till 8 p.m. here. People can go ride after their works in this season.

Oscar’s daughter, Addison, tried not to be caught up with her dad.

I also met my co-worker, MAKOTO, the first runner of Sim Marathon. Now, this is going to be my turn and probably my journey will end quickly, but I am going to do my best to leave some footsteps here.

Anyways, I would like to see you all in Portland and Let’s have a great weekend!!!