Land of ours

Tomoyuki Washio , a world famous Japanese artist, painted a huge shutter at SimWorks new office.

When you encounter an interesting and amazing painting, you won’t be able to move your feet on the spot as if something extraordinary thing catches your heart and never let go. Just like you stood on the edge of a big and bottomless hole and looked into it. If I feel my feet are locked like the way I talked above, then I consider that the painting I see in front of me is the ‘masterpiece’.

All the human beings except the artists, have tendency to try out to interpret an art work in order to understand and I think it could be a bad habit, this is only my opinion though, but I think it’s much better to feel something directly to my heart rather than thinking of the meaning and reason too much.

New SimWorks office is on the second floor and the first floor is a culture club and Pine Fields Market, sandwich store, and this huge shutter will be our significant sign of our new adventure. You won’t be able to see this kind of mural paint so often in this country though. Please stop by and feel the heart of art.

Land of ours