【SimWorks by Honjo】”Bros” Mudguards for 16″ British folding bike

Traditional resin mudguards for British club racers have tended to be an unsightly and disposable mismatch on folding bikes that specialize in a more refined and portable urban lifestyle. As a matter of fact, the desire to make Honjo “Koken” using light alloys came from city dwellers who use it as a “necessary item for their daily lives” rather than a casual accessory.

This Bros mudguard is extremely durable thanks to its simple structure, and the H2 type is adopted to match the bike that must stand up to the rigors of folding bike life . The uniquely shaped stay that connects the mudguard to the bicycle-as if it were an extension of the frame utilizes a solid strut assembly produced by Nitto.

With such a mudguard set and a good poncho, you won’t have any trouble cycling on even the gloomiest of London Fog days.

Looking around at the use of bicycles in various cities around the world, the benefits have spread to more people since the early days when they claimed the right to the free and safe movement of bikes and literally paved the way for a future that would appeal to more riders. The movement is growing towards this machine being a viable transportation solution for a more diverse cross-section of people.

Improving from the time when messengers slashed cavalierly through heavy traffic, societies are continuing to evolve so that people of all ages and abilities can venture out for a ride more safely. In this modern era, it’s not only fixed gear bikes that are ready for the urban battleground or overbuilt steel wanderers appealing to our frontier spirit, but also cargo bikes and basket-clad bikes that specialize in transporting not only people, but their goods and wares. Simworks believes that the overall use of bicycles is increasing due to the reinforcement of ideals and environments where not just bikes of various shapes and sizes, but their operators as well, are confident to move freely and safely

It’s encouraging to continue to watch this mechanized humble creation from our past that always felt destined for all futures- to continue to evolve and offer solutions; to connect our mind and bodies to the people and places and ideas that make up the world around us.