Hardware wars

SimWorks by Honjo


It’s getting cooler outside and can’t help feeling forces around awakening in these days. What is the meaning of the title? Ummm, please find out by yourself since we would like to introduce a new item from ‘SimWorks by Honjo’ to you first instead of just talking about the title blah blah blah forever you know.


SimWorks by Honjo Micro Turtle


First, here it is. I know it has been days and days you have been waiting for this time. We have a lot of requests for a small wheel mud guard and now it’s released finally. A hexagonal pattern mud guard for 20inches (406) tire. We call it as ‘Micro Turtle’.


SimWorks by Honjo Micro Turtle Fenders


This hexagonal pattern is traditionally made by a craftsman, but it shows both classic and modern styles at the same time. You might want to dress up your precious bicycle with this functional and fashionable item.


SimWorks by Honjo Hook Band


Next one is right here. Do you know what this is? If you immediately recognize what you see right here, then you are almost expert for a bike mechanic or just a super bike geek. This is called ‘Hook Band’. Without an eyelet on a chain stay bridge, you can attach a fender with this awesome small parts.


The others of the above, we add several convenient hardware in order to attach Honjo fenders. This is what we call, “HARDWARE WARS” and we would like to increase more line ups till our fender revolutionary day.


Please ask and visit our U.S. dealers for these small parts.


Thank you very much.