Groundhog Day SALE!

Groundhog Day SALE!

February 2 -14 

6am Tuesday until Midnight Sunday (PST)

20% off on ALL Handlebars


Hey SimWorks Friends and Faithful Followers,

We know a lot of these days this past year have felt like they’ve all just blended together. An endless feeling of dejá-vu. So we figured we’d brighten these first couple weeks of February a little with a big thanks to all of you in the form of a GROUNDHOG DAY HANDLEBAR SALE!

It’s winter here in the Northern latitudes, and a great time of year to refresh that old velocipede with a newfangled perch to rest your hands. Or maybe you’ve got a project build you’ve been chipping away at. Let us send some Japanese aluminum your way and you can squirrel some extra coin away for booking a future airline ticket to…….anywhere.

Sale starts at 6am tomorrow morning (That’s 02/02/2021 0600 PST) and runs through our second favorite holiday- which is obviously Valentine’s Day (02/14/2021 2359 PST). So buy a bar for yourself and one for your sweetie. Put a big red bow on it. 

With any luck, Phil pokes his head out tomorrow and sees nothing more than a gaggle of ceremoniously superstitious Pennsylvania Dutch minions.

But in all seriousness- brighter days ahead, all. Thanks as always for coming along for the ride.

SimWorks USA 💘


*sale applies only to all currently in-stock handlebars.

*20% discount will be applied at checkout.

*Discount is for B to C / End user sales only.