Experiment: But can ‘Bubbly’ be “Tiny”?

In the wake of the Americans inventing the flux capacitor and successfully traveling back in time, the Japanese, not to be outdone, found a way to miniaturize their most cherished wares. Naturally, God dwells in the details and it becomes worshiped as his Kawaii- thus the results of this experiment. With all barriers to our psychokinesis eliminated, we’ve elected to offer a downsized “Tiny” Bubbly pedal.

It is a known tendency for Japanese people to try to miniaturize just about everything- perhaps attributable to their love for travel- off of an island nation and around the globe. A travel lover subscribes to a unique aesthetic- compact, foldable, portable, light, but durable. Keeping with the thoughtfulness of the craftsman, even if you can’t see it, in your belongings is, in other words, traveling with it. They are a people who don’t discount such features.

So it would follow that carefully crafted bike parts would be selected to accompany our trips, and this spirit changes the scenery for the viewer and paints our impression and may end up shifting the stories we tell. SimWorks understands that cyclists around the world take measure in the details- and it’s our mission to keep up with their expectations.

This is why the slightly smaller Bubbly pedal was born. We hope you’re impressed.

ModelTiny Bubbly
Size (without spindle)86 x 96 x 30mm
BearingTriple Sealed Bearing
PlateHeat-treated Aluminum + Anodized (or Cerakote)
SpindleCold Forged Steel + Chrome Plated
ManufacturerMKS Pedal