DOPPO ATB / Whichever you want.

【独歩】Doppo / noun

1) Going alone.
2) Working on something independently.
3) Nothng equal and superior to everything.

There are so many ways of ride for each people in this world. Do you ride a long-disntace road? You would rather ride on a trail road? or you might want to just commute to your company or shopping. Whatever it is, it’s all good.
Riding a bike is not that special thing. We simply just want people to ride their bikes as a part of living.
Doppo has a wish for that.

We build this bike as much strong as possible, and it is allowed you to carry whatever you need and go for touring. When it’s raining, you just need to attach fenders on it. We don’t do mass production and we believe in slow and sure. We would like you to ride it forever even to the next generation, and want people to know about this bike steadily little by little. This frame is produced carefully one at a time by Shin Hattori, a young and energetic frame builder living in Aichi prefecture.
We place ourselves in a bicycle industry, so that it is absolutely our pleasure if you buy new bikes for each scene. However, if you have one bike that will fit any scenes, then there is no need to get anymore bikes, right?

Doppo equips with a disc brake and has a big tire clearance which allows you to attach 700x43c/27.5×2.1” tire. If you like to ride a long distance, then you can put 700c wheel. If you like to ride as an off-road bike or need bigger tire, then you can use 650B wheel. If you have 2 different wheel sets just like this, you don’t have to buy the other bike for a different purpose. This is the greatest features of this gravel bike with a disc brake on and we are much happier to see you ride this bike in every other way.
We would like to show you 2 examples of how our customers assembled them differently.
First, this Doppo has a little wider drop handle bar with 27.5 x 1.75” Volummy Tire and equips Turtle 58 fender. Not only for rainy day, but also for a partner to go on a long trip in a weekend. A full fender assemble will be totally useful for the rainy season.

A cockpit combining with Misirlou Bar and Wendy Stem will fit the concept of Doppo bike.


Frame SIM WORKS Doppo ATB / Size:M
Main Group SHIMANO Tiagra
Tire SIM WORKS BY PANARACER Volummy 27.5×1.75″
Fender SIM WORKS BY HONJO Turtle 58 650B Black
Handle SIMWORKS BY NITTO Co Misirlou 430mm
Stem SIM WORKS BY NITTO Wendy 90mm

On the other hand, the other bike has Fun 3 Bar with 700x43c Homage tire and allows the rider to get on an off-road trip. A single gear on a front and attaching wide sprocket on a rear gear, a microshift thumb shifter with MTB rear derailleur. In other words, there is no such a trail this bike cannot go.
If you attach a rack, it is ready to go for touring and commuting as well.


Frame SIM WORKS Doppo ATB / Size:M
HeadSet CHRIS KING NTS 1-1/8″
Tire SIM WORKS BY PANARACER The Homage 700x43c
Rim VELO CITY Dyad 700c
Stem SIM WORKS BY NITTO Tomboy 90mm


Now, you are able to buy Doppo ATB frame set through our SimWorks USA web shop.
We have Small size to XXL size in stock.
If you like to check out different assembles online, please take a look at #swdoppo and please ask us any questions you may have.


・Primary specification
・Adopted chromoly steel tube set by TANGE
・Coming with high rigidity multipurpose front fork
・Light and high strength TIG welding
・Powder coating with matte olive color
・Front and rear disc brakes spec
・135mm vertical dropout
・1-1/8” steering column
・Convertible for 700c and 650b
・68mm standard thread BB shell
*Maximum number of front chainring teeth : e.g. Road crank FC-6800 Ultegra, Outer : 50T Max / Inner : 36T Max
*There is a possibility that you might not be able to use SRAM AVID Mechanical Disc Brake because it might interfere the frame.

Price : $1,680.00
Price includes shipping cost from Japan to US.

We’ll ship by Fedex International Economy.