Discussing These Times Between You and Me

Photo from The Radavist article

 Wanted to take the opportunity to reach out and speak to all of our valued customers, dealers, collaborators, frame builders and friends- both here in the States and around the world. SimWorks knows how much the current state of the world is impacting all of you, and we want you to know we’re here trying to do our best to make sense of it all ourselves. At this time, SimWorks USA is still up and running on all cylinders. We’ve taken the necessary steps for the two of us to create some separation in our work space- which is cozy but not claustrophobic. We are trying to offset our schedules to minimize time when we are in that space together, and conducting a fair amount of our necessary computer related work and correspondence from home.

 While it’s evident that the workload related to fulfilling orders has tapered off a bit the past couple of weeks- we’re looking at that as an opportunity to devote some time and resources to shoring up some operational hiccups, iron out some plans for the coming months, and work on some exciting new products and offerings that we have coming down the pipe in the not-too-distant future. 

During these uncertain times, we’d like to reinforce to our dealers- many of whom are struggling and even closed at this time, that we’re thinking of you and wishing the best for all of you. SimWorks wouldn’t be where we are without your support and representation in the marketplace. Please be in touch if there is anything that we can potentially do for you, to help make running your businesses a little easier. 

 To our devoted customers, thank you for your continued support. We are committed to maintaining product supply levels during the coming months, and continuing to offer them to you through our web store. Please be patient with us, while our shipping output may be slightly less expeditious. Rest assured, we are getting orders out in a reasonable time frame. For those customers that are here in the Portland area, we would like to continue to offer a local pick-up option- but we would also like to remind you that we have an awesome network of local dealers- all of which we are able to get parts to very quickly. I know that they would greatly appreciate your business at this time and that most of them are equipped to offer special order sales and pickups at their locations. Reach out to them to see about sourcing the products you are looking to buy through our web store

 That last point is probably a natural segue in to the larger argument for doing everything you can to support your local economies and communities at this time. Bike shops, restaurants, galleries, theaters, brick and mortar retail etc… are all essential to our local economies. If this time finds you at home with “too-much time on your hands”- give some consideration to where your dollars are going, and what you want your community to look like when we all put the pieces back together. If there are businesses still operating in your communities- give them your support and your money. 

Photo from The Radavist article

 Social Distancing and isolation are not synonymous. Use this time as an opportunity to reconnect with people you may have lost touch with or are missing. Be respectful of people’s space and mindful that we are all working through this time on our own terms. I’ve had several recent conversations with people about whether it’s irresponsible for people to be traveling, or “adventuring” right now. Simworks isn’t going to categorically make an endorsement for one side of that argument or the other, but we would ask that during this time, to give extra consideration to how your choices might potentially impact the people around you. Take responsibility for yourself and don’t unnecessarily put yourself in to situations where you may have to depend on others for assistance or resources. 

 I was out for a meandering ride in the city last weekend and rode past an old friends home. She happened to be outside working in her garden. I hadn’t given her any heads up that I was in the neighborhood or intending to stop by. She was clearly surprised, but genuinely so pleased to see me- a beaming smile. We talked for a few minutes and then she disappeared in to her shed and grabbed her own bike and we pedaled to a local park and just sat in the sun and each drank a beer and we talked; maybe more than we had talked in years. You can clearly hear someone who is 6 feet away from you if you look at them and really listen. 


Be good to yourselves. Be kind to each other. Wash your hands. Eat healthy foods. Drink plenty of water. Take a nap under the cherry blossoms. Read a Murakami novel. Ride your bike! One pedal stroke in front of the other…


☮ and 💘