CX Clinic was success!!

Cyclocross is a fabulous sport. It’s a beautiful mixture of fitness, technique, determination and pleasure. It is not like other cycling discipline, it brings a new level of party, where the riders have two hats: the racer and the public. This is what we want to show the people about this great sport, how fun, accessible and rewarding it is, while being hard and challenging.

With that in mind, Circles & Co. and Simworks CX Racing organized our first “CX Clinic” of the 2017-2018 Japanese CX season, held on November 10th in Nagoya. Cycling enthusiasts from all levels, gender, ages and background met at Earlybirds Breakfast in the morning, it was a fantastic Saturday start. There were about 20 curious people: Experienced racers, amateurs, beginners and cyclocross-virgins were there, even families with young kids!

We rolled out to Tsuruma Park and built our handmade barriers before starting the clinic. Shige and myself from Simworks CX Racing explained what the clinic would consist of, respectively in English and Japanese. Once the language barrier was passed, we quickly saw that the enjoyment of cycling is a universal language.

Thanks everyone for coming to join us. Next session, we will cover deeper into the techniques and how to optimize them, in addition to obstacles and training advices. Be sure to set your calendars and invite your man/lady friends!

On Sunday, the next day after the CX Clinic marked the official start of the cyclocross season in the Tokai area: Tokai CX #2 – Kakamigahara. After the first event was cancelled by Typhoon no.21, Kakamigahara was the total opposite with clear blue sky and temperatures up to 16℃.
Kakamigahara was a short “dirt criterium” cyclocross course, featuring flat and fast sections and a lot of rocks (Tubeless HIGHLY recommended!)

I was trying to work on ability to handle smoothly the rock fields to minimize energy loss and maintain momentum, and pacing on the long straights. Placing on the first 2 laps are key to stay in contention and avoid crashes/traffic… I managed to finish with a single number at the result in somehow.

Gishi came back from Portland recently, he was race in Portland several times so that he was fitted pretty good and his condition was perfect. He made a hole shot easily and then! …….  He fell off the bike but he was riding tightly and did his best until the finish line.


Results for C2 SimWorks CX Racers

Jasmin Ten Have:  7th / 27
Yusuke Yamagishi: 19th / 27


We will be ready and enjoy racing the Kansai CX in Makino on November 19th, and Nobeyama CX next weekend!


CX Clinic Vol.2

Saturday, December 10th – CX Clinic for Beginners.

Of course, any experienced racers, all ages, genders, non-racers, and even just commuters are welcome!


What to bring?
Any bicycle. That’s it! (Cyclocross bike is preferred but MTB, Road, etc.. any bikes are OK! )

Where to meet?
Meet at Circles / Earlybirds Breakfast(We will leave at 10:15am to Tsuruma Park.)


Mark it on your calendar and bring some friends!


Jasmin Ten Have
SimWorks CX Racing Racer