CrMo Steel bars for sure.

SimWorks’ CrMo steel bars are back with a stellar revamp. We’re sorry to have kept you waiting. We have your typical two types of news- good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Good news first:

In addition to our familiar satin plating, we have added a mirror-faced chrome plating specification to the color variations. It’s finally happened!
The chrome-plated atmosphere is unique. You can see the aura that cannot be brought out through aluminum.

Bad news last:

The black finish options being made available in this batch in Little Nick and Getaround- will be the last available, for any foreseeable future. We’re disappointed as we know some of you will be as well, but a litany of factors have brought us here; finishing defects and inconsistencies, lead times and costs among them.
Additionally, the light-hearted and popular Fun 3 bar will also be discontinued after this currently available batch. If you want one, or four, jump on ’em as this will be the last of them.

Before and After

The oldest SimWorks model currently offered is the SW02 Little Nick bar (the SW13 Getaround bar and SW14 Fun 3 bar closely followed). These bars were made of aluminum (22.2 mm center) when they debuted. Nitto used to make motorcycle handlebars for a while, and it was a great and strong material, and we used it in SimWorks’ original products. The available material depleted and the aluminum option was finished. We sold through all of our inventory and there isn’t even an original bar kicking around Simworks HQ anywhere. Somewhere out there are a few folks with those rare bars.

SW15 Mowmow bar – 700 x 25.4mm Chrome Plated

25.4 mm CrMo was a natural fit for our lifestyle, even if it was heavy, and nobody really knew about SimWorks yet; and even Nitto didn’t have the cult following it currently enjoys. It’s in our DNA to do the things that no one is doing, so for that subsequent batch we went with a sturdy CrMo. We kept it real and made it from steel. Crazy to think that was eight years ago already in 2013.

This past year, we’ve been turning our gears a bit while the world tried to gain its footing. Finally, after ironing out some kinks, the SimWorks’ Chromoly bars are back. They’re great handlebars that anyone who loves bikes can find a home for. We’re proud of them and happy they’re back, and we hope we’re still making them another 8 years from now.

In an effort to give our customers some added agency in their lives, and as advocates for arts and crafts time, all CrMo bars now come with a high quality decal kit. We have all the styles of the past, so please finish your new bar to your liking. Take what’s left and dress up what you please. Paint it all red.

It’s rumored- and I can neither confirm or deny, that there’s even a handful of hologram sets floating around in these decal sets. Happy Hunting!!