Bubbly This year is ceramic olive.

SimWorks is pleased to now offer the limited edition color for 2022- ceramic olive. We have selected the ceramic coating technology of the US Cerakote brand to finish it in a matte olive finish.

Compared to general coating applications, ceramic coating has a stronger coating film and an excellent ability to protect the material (rust prevention, chemical resistance, heat resistance) in addition to coloring applications. It’s extremely durable and resists cracking. It has foundations in “mil-spec” and is highly resistant to scratching.

The matte and dull look is common for this ceramic finish. The contrast with the polished body is as if we are just three degrees away in harmony.

Has us wanting to brew black tea before and after a ride today.

SimWorks – Bubbly Pedal
Made by Mikashima Industrial (MKS)
Ultra wide concave platform
Triple shield bearing construction
Cold forged chromoly spindle (chrome plated finish)
97 x 108 x 30 mm
392 g (pair)
$98 USD