Blue Sky Mechanic

Finally, summer season has come to Portland after the long rainy season.

I see infinite blue sky spreading above me in the morning and makes me feel that I should not be inside the office the whole entire time. Sunlight is very much strong, and air is dry so that you won’t feel that “muggy” weather like in Japan. In addition, the sun won’t go down till 8:30pm, so after I finish my work, I can ride outside without light on and go somewhere or some places that I want to check.

Just because of this amazing weather, I started assembling doppo bike under the blue sky.

This Volummy tire is very much popular in the U.S., and I chose to build this bike with the most volummy 27.5 x 1.75″ tire. I also brought HED Belgium+ for rims. Absolutely it is tubeless of course.

Text By Toyoshige Ikeyama
Photo By Rie Sawada