Agony, delight, enjoyment… everything is in Nobeyama.

Personally, this was my 7th Nobeyama Cyclocross since 2011. I usually registered myself into 2 days elite race and had motivation to go faster and get a better ranking.

However, it was little bit different this year. The reason was that unique and powerful members of SimWorks CX Racing cyclists were gathered at this time. In order to have them enjoy this race, and also to support them fully, my motivation became something else that I never had before. It was good enough reason to reach freezing Nobeyama which was much colder than Hokkaido.

I usually take myself part into this race with more people together such as EarlyBirds and others, and whoever I met at that venue, they totally missed their amazing breakfast… Luckily, we didn’t loose everything, Nabe’s baked sweet potato was one of our favorite foods to eat there. When you look around, people try not to get burned themselves with that baked sweet potato and that’s kind of regular scenery here in Nobeyama.
In that terrible cold weather, it was hard to ride around being all covered with mud. However, I appreciated that there were my team and fellows cheering me up also my rival racers who had good competitive spirit.
People who cheered each other by killing their throats, and supported their team right after their race. A feeling of accomplishment and delight after passing the goal line by using up all my power and cornering myself as if my heart would stop was something that I was able to have because I came this much far and also it was a precious moment that we all could gather around once a year.
It had been a long time not having participated in the race and I still have some physical exhaustion right now but that excitement at that venue is still around me more than anything. I hope I can go there with my fellows and team members again. It seems like Nobeyama inspired me so much.

Hiroki Ebiko
Day1 C4 : 2nd
Day2 C3 : 14th

Toyoshige Ikeyama
Day2 C3 : 5th

Yusuke Yamagishi
Day1 C2 : 34th
Day2 C2 : 20th

Jasmin Ten Have
Day1 C2 : DNF
Day2 C2 : 23th

A cyclocross season in Japan is only on a midway point yet. We, SimWorks CX Racing, are going to participate mainly in Tokai area races. If you see riders who are on red Doppo Racer, please say hello to us.
By Toyoshige Ikeyama