A word of ‘CUSTOM’

A word of ‘CUSTOM’ sometimes goes around this bicycle world very unstably and uncertainly. It is also true that we are the one who proposes and recommend a custom bike to you, but when ‘I’ hear a word of ‘CUSTOM’ from a maker, media, customer, or even from a staff at a bicycle shop, I consider it very deeply.


First of all, it’s about the name itself. Some makers give some color options to customers for their completed bikes and they call it as ‘CUSTOM’. Moreover, others give some several tube length and degree options and they also call it as ‘CUSTOM. The rest, like some very rigid frame builders (in a good meaning) will hear about customers opinion and take the numbers seriously and make the perfect fitting bike and that’s what they call as ‘CUSTOM’ as well. They all use the same word of ‘CUSTOM’ and it appears that there are effective sales points in this word somehow.

Second of all, it already has ‘sense of intimidation’ in this word. When cyclists hear about a word of ‘CUSTOM’, some think that they don’t really need it. Why do you think that they feel some sort of ‘sense of intimidation from this word so much? If a rider look for a new bike, then he or she needs to earn something from that more than what they used to ride. The more you need a new bike, the higher costs and quality they need and it’s kind of truth, isn’t it? So that they need to think and consider that these new bikes have what they really want completely. However, we wonder if any new bikes exist in this world can satisfy perfectly what a rider wants? and this is the best motivation in order to create the best custom bikes ever, but somehow people are afraid of knowing nothing about the process since I think it is a lack of communication between the provider and customers. We truly believe that we all can get what we want through 100% efforts and communication through talking about a ‘CUSTOM’. This is the question that I have from now if providers, like us, are able to handle this huge gaps or not. Although we could, are we able to continue and keep making it happen with patience and serve to the customers politely?


BIKE A will give you two third of what you want probably.
BIKE B will might give you everything you need somehow.

We all need to think everyday what’s the best for cyclists to have them ride what they really want.