A mystery of Atlantis / Turtle44 Brass


I heard that there was an alchemist who seeked after a labyrinth of chemistry in a legendary island called Atlantis and to earn a secret way of refining gold, so many people sacrificed themselves and shed blood under the name of war. Actually, I am not sure about this story, but this brass looks perfectly similar to gold itself and I think we will never doubt that people used this metal frequently just like bronze ages and ages ago, older than B.C.

Thousands years later, we still use this brass metal in nipples for a handset wheeler like us, and never be changed like the way of brazing since it started. This is not just an amazing thing just because of its color, gold… but also it is very useful for all the things we use in a daily life.

New wave of brass is coming into our bicycle world. Toughness is our product principle, and we are finally going to launch new 44mm fender in addition to Turtle 58 mudguard, and ladys and gentlemen, we proudly present Turtle44 brass !!! If you are a tourer or a commuter wearing 700 x 28~32c, this will be the best solution for your mudguard. Made by Honjo and exculusive qualified craftsman can produce this very attractive item.

Polishing it and let it sparkle, or you can make it darker like a cool man. It is going to be our pleasure if you are going to feel a genuine taste out of it.