3 years past… with Chris King


It has been 3 years since SimWorks started dealing with Chris King Precision Components with headsets first of all. In 2015, we were finally able to hold ‘Gourmet Century Ride’ in Japan and we were filled with deep emotion that we achieved this much far.

3 years ago, we were… ummm I should say, ‘I’ was the only person who was a member of SimWorks and had a small table and chair in a corner of Circles’ garage. Photo shooting with DIY white screen and things I never made in my life and I shipped all the items to a few dealers at that time.

Since it was a garage, it had neither an air conditioning nor a heater. I tried not to drop off any of my sweat on every item I was taking care in summer time, and I got chilblains on my left hands by using a mouse (I am a lefty). I thought that I was used to having these conditions since I was a bike messenger in TOKYO before I started working here, but the differences were that I couldn’t even feel and smell of seasonable breeze outside, and couldn’t even laugh at any of my friends’ jokings on a radio. I was just alone at a garage.

However, by dealing with people through e-mails and phone calling, I made so many friends all over the world. My job is to familiarize our products to every riders overseas including in Japan, so it is very much important for me to communicate closely to them all the time. Meeting with Chris King Precision Components changed ‘only me’ to ‘with us’. 3 years past and finally Chris himself came over to NAGOYA city and I deeply appreciated the fact that we all earned something precious.

Our skills and everything are not there yet, but I really hope that you can enjoy what we do and what we have.


SimWorker, Gishi