by SimWorks

どっぽ 【独歩】[名]

1) Going alone.
2) Working on something independently.
3) Nothing equal and superior to everything.

As of now, 3 unique types of capable bikes, under the Doppo name, have been created with the concept of “walking alone” in distinct realms. Each is properly optimized for their application and discipline- such as our modern tourer, our versatile trail slayer, a bike-packing companion, or even in competition like runaway horse, etc. All of this is realized through careful planning, tight tolerances during fabrication, and attention to the details.

We believe that an unwavering trust is required between people and tools while “walking alone”. There is a big difference between a closed race scene where you push your limits with generous support nearby, and a free and open world where you can’t rely on anyone but yourself. Each Doppo model is durable and functional enough to broaden your access to the open world. Simworks concluded that by thoughtfully connecting a variety of needs and desires with intelligent design- a bike that is reliable for more people could be created.

In addition, we thoroughly vetted the tire capacity that differs for each model and delivered an optimum solution. Each frame is designed for clearance that maximizes the rider’s tire choices- with a focus on surface. Whether it’s dirt, gravel or tarmac, you should be able to assemble a worthy machine that fulfills the rider’s needs under any circumstances.


Doppo ‘Locust’ is a model that defines and restructures many of the demands of current touring bike users on the ‘Doppo MTB’, and expands the size range to allow more cyclists to ride it.

Doppo ATB

From daily rides to long touring, Doppo ATB is our most versatile offering

A true all-terrain bike with capabilities both on and off-road.

Doppo High Plains Drifter

A mountain flyer/klunker style bike for the modern age. The Doppo High Plains Drifter is a refreshing return to the foundations of mountain bikes- with some modern features to keep you smiling out on the open plains. 

More coming soon…

Experiments are continuing. Stay tuned for exciting new additions to the Doppo family.

Allegedly, a new creature is lurking- waiting to be born from the workshop where the suspiciously blinking light leaks.

Doppo Archives

Doppo Racer

A racer with disc brake specifications and a capacity of 700 x 45c.

Pin it. Watch the world blur around you.

Doppo MTB

Whether it’s full rigid or hardtail….

An orthodox chromoly steel mountain bike that you can enjoy freely for all days