Doppo MTB

Face nature at your own pace, trample on ruts, push further in to the darkest loam. Break through forests reclaimed by nature and in to the mountains to hear the sounds and voices of flora and fauna. Our Doppo MTB was born as a reliable mountain tool to seek the essence of such a ride. As your most trusted companion who can go anywhere with his own will and courage, even if there is no clear path. Forget your recurring dreams. Create new ones and then manifest them astride this timeless machine.

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When we started developing the mountain bike frame as the third installment in the Doppo series, this bike also started with the concept of “walking alone”. Born as a trail bike, our Doppo MTB is not a bike that pursues outstanding speed or intense action, but as an exploratory machine and a companion in introspection. Its soul is tied to the foundation of what it means to ride a bike on trail, and in the environments that feel the most natural and removed for us.

The Doppo MTB’s main tubing uses Tange’s high quality CrMo steel tube set, similar to the Doppo ATB. It incorporates a more modern industry standard in its 44mm head tube, so you can replace it with a suspension fork or elect to outfit it with the included Tange original CrMo fork.

In addition to the usual bottle cage mount on the frame, it also has a 3-hole mount on the underside of the down tube. You can ditch a cumbersome pack by allocating the necessary tools for touring.

The fork leg is also equipped with this 3-hole mount, which is highly expandable for bike packing styles. With this one fork, it is possible to just run around regardless of the repeated on / off road that always occurs in the usual exploration ride.

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Most off-roaders will utilize a suspension fork when they want to enjoy their trail rides. Of course, the Doppo MTB is designed with front suspension in mind. With a slightly longer wheelbase, tire capacity that swallows up to 2.8 “, and geometry optimized for a suspension fork of 120mm, Doppo MTB demonstrates its true value as a trail bike.

Doppo MTB uses a frame geometry that has been carefully designed for intuitive handling, whether running a rigid or suspension fork.

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SIMWORKS / Doppo MTB Frame Set

Size : Medium / Large
Color : Blue
Price : $1,880 USD-

  • Includes Original MTB Front Fork
  • Tange CrMo Steel Tube set
  • Lightweight and strong TIG welding
  • Disc Brake Post Mount
  • Axle Spacing 12mm×148mm Boost TA
  • Disc Rotor 180mm Max
  • 44mm Head Tube
  • Seat Post 30.9mm
  • Seat Clamp 34.9mm
  • Chain Ring 34T Max
  • 73mm Threaded BB
  • Max Tire 27.5 × 2.8″, 29 × 2.4″
  • Recommended Suspension Stroke 120mm (27.5″)
  • Stealth Dropper port on Seat Tube
  • Three-Pack Mount under the down tube
  • Includes F & R Thru Axles
  • Built by hand in Japan

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Shin Hattori Fabrications

Build by Shin Hattori

Manufactured by Aichi’s proud bike frame builder Shin Hattori

The tubing is cut out one by one, milled, and carefully welded. All frames are carefully finished and inspected in his own workshop.

Reliably designed frames made by experienced bicycle frame builders offer the finest attention to fit and finish when selecting your companion for “walking alone” in the mountains and wilderness.

Doppo MTB Fork

The Tange produced fork included with your Doppo MTB frameset can also be purchased separately.

A multi-purpose rigid fork with a highly rigid design that uses a 15mm through axle in a stylish segmented style with a full range of eyelets that are ideal for bike packing. 27.5 “plus tires can be used up to 2.8”, so trail riding on a full rigid bike is also possible.

The column size uses a standard 1-1/8” straight steerer to reduce weight and increase the choice of bikes that can be paired.

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SimWorks / Doppo MTB Fork

ED Coat : $260 USD-

  • Three-Pack Mount (LR)
  • Axle Spacing 15mm × 110mm Boost (Axle included)
  • International Disc Brake Mount
  • Length 465 mm (Axle to Crown)
  • Rake 47mm
  • Tires 27.5 × 2.8″ Max, 29 × 2.4″ Max
  • 280mm x 1-1/8” Straight Steer Tube
  • Weight 680g
  • Made by Tange Taiwan
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