Taco Pedal Review by Kyle

Photos & texts by Kyle Kelley / @allezlabikeshop

The new SimWorks Taco Pedal is just what we ordered! Grippy pedal, better for off-road use, built around a larger body for comfort, which keeps the cages smaller and less delicate.

I mean no one wants their tortilla falling apart mid bite/ride. If you are that person that just can’t put a taco down until it’s been completely consumed, these pedals are probably for you.

I mean, when something is so good you can’t put it down, you know you have a winner. If you don’t wanna ever put your bike down again, I’d suggest slapping these pedals on your bike.

I’ve done all of my testing so far in checkered Vans, and with the sun on my face, but hoping to get these pedals sloppy soon.

Thanks and Congrats Kyle on the new shop! Can’t wait to visit and do SimWorks pop-up at Allez LA soon!