#swCockpit Photo Contest Raffle starts today!!!

Every morning, we wake up and check SNS immediately. Thanks for everyone who assembles bikes with SimWorks’ products and posts the pictures with #simworks. Luckily, the comments along with the lovely photos including their unique life styles and creativities will bring us the imagination and invention to the next step.

Now, we would like to thank you all who give us the continuous supports and it is time for us to make some raffles through our photo contest by posting #swCockpit along with your amazing bikes and SimWorks’ product photos!

The way you assemble your bike is extremely varied and wide-ranging, so that people can see variety of styles through this #swCockpit and hope everyone can get some inspiration out of them. Please show us and everyone your unique and dynamic, or super cool cockpit photos!

We are going to give luxurious prizes on our own judgement to those who post wonderful photos on your instagram.

It doesn’t matter even if you posted only one SimWorks’ item on your photo. We are also going to post some through our bikes, and customers who comes to circles and culture club.

#swCockpit Photo Contest Raffle

◆ Entry Period:
Feb.1, 2018 ~ Mar.31, 2018

◆ How to enter:
Please post your favorite bike cockpit with SimWorks’ products photos on your instagram, which include all brands we collaborate, along with #swcockpit.

◆ Prize:
We choose 3 best photos out of all posts and would like to give prizes as we stated below.

・THE BEST COCKPIT PRIZE / 1 winner – SimWorks On The Road Rear Carrier
*You can choose your favorite color.

・THE BEST LIKE PRIZE / 1 winner – SimWorks Original Tire / Pair
*You can choose one pair out of any kinds, sizes, and colors.

・COOL COCKPIT PRIZE / 1 winner – SimWorks A set of Original Items
※ We are going to prepare a special and rare item set!!!

◆ Selection of winner:
We, SimWorks staffs, are going to judge the coolest photos on our own decision. Not only just a design and its function, but also a place where you shoot the photo and everything. Don’t worry, it will be perfectly impartial.
Notification of prize winner will be shown at SimWorks account on instagram, official blog, and Facebook as well.

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We are all looking forward to your amazing photos!!!