Super Chill Earth Gazer Capsule dropped by Nicholas Haig-Arack 

Can we have everyone just chill?

T-shirts and socks are staples in our everyday lives, so we wanted to make some that are super comfortable and relaxing to wear. I want to create something that makes everyone feel super chill when they wear it, and that spreads a sense of relaxation to many people. With all our heart, we asked our favorite illustrator and close friend, Nicholas MHA, aka Nick, to create a super chill design for us. Drinking water is also important, so make a water bottle!

When I asked Nick, You've created another innovative design, what would you name the illustrations on this bottle and T-shirt?'' He replied – Earth Gazer.”

Earth Gazer Bottle

Nick and SimWorks’ time together is always super chill and fun. We can all learn a lot from Nick. You don’t have to rush through life, try to make life as stress-free as possible, be comfortable, relax and enjoy yourself. Nick says he is a strong rider and can keep up with faster riders. But when he rides with me, he enjoys an easier pace. It’s nice to not stress about my slower pace. Nick is happy just taking a nap and waiting. Sometimes he likes to lie down on the ground and look at the night sky, play Star Gazer, or just relax and spend some time reflecting or stretching.

Nick was early, so he took a nap and waited for me, who is often late! (Rie’s Birthday Bikepacking in 2022)

Chill but detailed design

For the pocket T-shirt, we chose our favorite- Comfort Colors, which are soft, durable, have a casual fit and are easy to wear. We had them silkscreen printed at Tiny Fish, a T-shirt studio on the East Coast. This T-shirt has a useful chest pocket that makes it easy to carry along your compact camera or your sunglasses for example.

To go along with our shirts, we asked Nick to design our socks, and we had them made with DeFeet’s beloved Woolie-Boolie for all-season comfort at their facility in North Carolina.

Woolie Boolie socks are cushioned. As the name suggests, they have a partial wool construction, or more precisely-merino wool, which provides excellent insulation. Merino wool feels great on our skin and doesn’t itch. Plus, merino is breathable when wet, wicking away moisture and keeping your feet warm. With cushion padding, it is suitable for your spiritied mountain bike rides and long distance hikes, but also great for camping on cold nights. They’ll keep your feet warm and will become your favorite comfortable camping item that you’ll always want to bring with you.

My happiest moment after getting out of the frigid water and changing clothes after surfing is putting on warm socks. “The best feeling is wearing warm socks after surfing!”

The sock color image is a 70’s kitchen. For the color palette, I combined earth tones like avocado green with wood grain and floral California poppy flowers. To go with that, I chose the other pair in a simple heather green color that would be suitable for trail riding. The top of the foot has the “SimWorks” and “Super Chill” logos.

Have a truly chill day

Once we had T-shirts and socks with this design, we immediately wore them, went surfing in the morning, and spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach. That evening, we went for a trail ride to catch the sunset.

Although we crammed too many activities into that day, we still managed to take a nap on the beach and had time to relax. These photos are snapshots of relaxing memories with friends. Casual clothes for an enjoyable day.

We tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our lives. Created with SimWorks and Nick’s desire to help you relax, be in tune with yourself, and savor the relaxing times in your life.