SimWorks at Inaugural MADE Show

Photo Courtesy: John Watson at The Radavist

The Inaugural MADE Bike Show was kicked off this past week in Portland, Oregon, and gave SimWorks a welcome and overdue opportunity to show off our brand to a larger community of handbuilt enthusiasts for 3 days.

SimWorks USA hadn’t presented at a larger trade show since the 2019 North American Handbuilt Show in Sacramento, so we were thrilled to pull out all the stops in our home town of Portland and reconnect with a bunch of talented builders, makers and brands.

All Doppo Renewal

Probably the most significant news from SimWorks that we wanted to present at the show was a renewal and update to our Doppo lineup of bikes. Effectively all of the models will undergo some minor design changes, color updates and new model names.

The Doppo ATB, which takes it’s place as the badge defining model within the lineup and was the original Doppo model, has changed its name to “Ronin”. The specification on the frame set goes otherwise largely unchanged, with the exception of the bike’s ability to accommodate a front double gravel drivetrain. The new burgundy color exudes an air of class and sophistication that will build up beautifully with a wide range of parts. Still able to run up to a 700c x 43 or 650b x 55 tire, the bike is endlessly adaptable and capable for a rider looking to piece together a gravel range bike, or a mixed-surface touring machine. Provisions for racks, as well as fenders are provided. Ronin will utilize SimWorks exclusive new rear dropout that we’ll discuss further down this post.

Doppo “Locust”

Doppo MTB has evolved in to a model that is more conscious of bikepacking and dirt touring. The color will be renewed to a “Cosmic Lavender”, and the name will be renewed as “Locust.” This mountain bike was originally born as a trail bike- and it will still excel as such, but has been redesigned so that this “Locust” will always support your adventures in off-grid backcountry pursuits. If desired, you can install a suspension fork optimized at 120mm, opening up more comfort on challenging terrain. Frames are sold with an included rigid fork that includes dual “3-pack mounts”. With clearance for up to a 2.8″ tire in the 27.5 wheel size and 2.4″ in 29″ wheels- you’ve got an adaptable platform for a broad range of off-road pursuits. Locust will be available by mid fall of this year.

Doppo “Wanderer” (Prototype)

SimWorks is also proud to announce the addition of a new model within the Doppo lineup- the “Wanderer” all-road bike. Rounding out the Doppo lineup with a model that has its sights set on speed across paved surfaces has been a priority and a worthy development for us for the past year or so. Like all of the Doppo models, it is a bike that follows the concept of enjoying the freedom inherent in bicycles. We are proud to say that this all-road bike, which can be equipped with full coverage fenders- offering four-season riding opportunities- particularly for those of you like us who live here in the PNW. This bike was a show model prototype, but reception to it was extremely positive and the gears are turning on bringing in to production next year.

Doppo Original Dropout

And as some of you may have noticed from the photo above, with this Doppo renewal, the Ronin and Wanderer models have adopted SimWorks original dropouts. Dropouts may be a small part of the overall bicycle structure, but we’ve been wanting to develop original dropouts for some time to offer a piece unique to Doppo, as well as cut down on set up and production times. The input we received from other builders was invaluable, and along with our own experiences we’ve landed on a design that we are excited to incorporate in to at least 2 of our models for 2024. We look forward to continued progress in the development of components that can distinguish Doppo bikes as distinct in the marketplace.

Regarding release dates for each model- the Locust is scheduled to be released in October, followed by the Ronin in the spring of 2024, and the Wanderer will be released by end of the year 2024.

SimWorks by NITTO
Wild Honey Bar

We have kept you waiting for a very long time, but the popular drop bar Wild Honey Bar- originally adopted from Nitto’s B135 Randonneur bar has been renewed. SimWorks by NITTO has released an updated drop bar for the first time in almost 2 years. Of course, the original shape is kept as it is, but the handlebar width is widened with Wild Honey now being available in 490, 510, and 530mm widths- measured center to center. Hop over to the SimWorks blog to learn more about the updated Wild Honey bar and link to purchase it in our webstore

SimWorks x PAUL

SimWorks has collaborated with Paul Components of Chico, CA in the past on small batch collections, but it had been since the last NAHBS show we attended in 2019 that we had released anything together. The show was a great space for us to reveal this new one-off Turquoise colored collection developed by Paul exclusively for us. This batch is extremely limited and will go live in our site on September 7, 2023. Products will include Klampers, Love and Canti Levers, as well as Motolite V-brakes. The limited collection will also include a color matched bottle opener with special engraving, and a water bottle.

It’s been a long time since the 2019 NAHBS handmade bike show, and our kindred Nor-Cal builders are still doing well, and it’s encouraging to see the younger generation coming up and showing out at shows like these. There’s a ton of really talented and creative people building bikes these days- so the handbuilt community feels like it’s strong and in good hands. We were so grateful to everyone that stopped by our booth during the show and had nice things to say about our products and our brand and our new booth display. It really makes all the hard work feel worthwhile to feel seen and commended for our efforts.

We have introduced these new products as highlights, but we plan to roll out additional coverage from the show, as well as introduce each product in more detail as we approach release dates- so please stay tuned