Nekome Charm: Hypnotic Reflections and Fluttering Hearts

This SimWorks Nekome Charm from Japan is believed to ward off evil. Worn on a regular basis, it is sworn to reduce the risk of small daily disasters. But in all seriousness, the charm is made of a retroreflective high-visibility material developed by 3M, which effectively reflects light from vehicle headlights at night, making it appear bright and shiny, and thus you- more visible to drivers.

It has also been reported that, by watching the wavering motion for a while, the observer’s mind becomes as placid as a moonlit alpine night, or at least confirmed that the observer can be free from smartphone screen fixation for at least some time.

Not only for traffic safety purposes, but a range of common placebo effects can be expected; including but not limited to academic and romantic fulfillment, increased luck in money matters, spiritual enlightenment, and more. The charms make for an ideal gift or souvenir. It promises well wishes and good fortune to you and your loved ones in the makeup of your daily lives.