Text & Photo By Minami Chaya

Our overnight bike camping trip guided by Randi Jo and Eric’s family was just second nature and a part of their life’s routine, but it was a special time for me.

While in that place with them, I wanted to be a person who enjoys the everyday life of the town, and I found myself wanting to live in such a place.

The beauty and draw of nature are never far away.

If I haven’t traveled far away, I don’t know how good it can be close to home.

It felt like a big adventure, but the spot we camped that day was just a 15 minute bike ride from their home.

This was the first time I saw a real live alpaca, and if you disturb the alpaca or the donkey, it’s the only thing in your life to ride a bicycle, isn’t it?

Because it’s so close, go ahead and load everything you like on your bicycle.

Play in the river with your dog, prepare a kebab for dinner and breakfast, and drink the beers packed on your bike around the bonfire.

The starry sky seen from this place with no light around is because the air is clear and we’re away from the city. Are all the stars in the heavens shining? It was so beautiful.

“Yesterday’s starry sky? It’s always like that.” – Eric told me with a smile

When I use the Randi Jo fab bag I bought on my way home, the scenery of the hillside and their faces come to my mind and I am reminded of their kindness.

It was this sentiment and these memories that I drew on a bottles canvas so that I could always remember the importance and kindness of looking at the natural world nearby while keeping such warm memories.

I will live in a new town next month. Imagine how wonderful the places around you are. It can be so exciting.

SimWorks by Nitto new product, Half Moon Rack is also released at the same time and in concert with our connection with the night sky.