Froggy Seatpost: The rugged and stable.

SimWorks’ Froggy Seatpost has changed from its former matte finish to its current polished finish, and is now available in Silver and Black, 0mm and 23mm offsets, and 300mm and 350mm lengths, for a total of 8 variations in stock. Today, let’s take a closer look at the craftsmanship of Nitto’s rugged seatposts.

The nickname Froggy comes from this amphibious face. Despite its adorable looks, it is a very rugged design.

The two bolts on the front and rear provide a very secure fixation, and since it is the same as Nitto’s NJS track racer standard, it is very reliable and should not slip or cause any problems during road rides or even aggressive off-road riding.

It is also very easy to adjust the saddle nose angle, making it easy to tailor a perfect fit for each rider. By adjusting the saddle properly, you may be surprised how much more efficient and comfortable your rides can be, but this is a fact that often gets overlooked. We encourage you to take the time to make minor adjustments to your saddle positioning to find a setting that works best for you.

The Froggy Seatpost’s beautiful design, composed of forged parts, is one of its main attractions. The thickness of the components is engineered to be only as thick as necessary, and any ornate embellishments have been eliminated, leaving a clean design that focuses solely on fulfilling its function. The straight, lean, industrial beauty of the structure lends a truly “austere” presence hidden under your saddle.

Bicycles can be an unstable vehicles to begin with, and humans are also inefficient motive power. Since there are only three points of contact between the bicycle and the rider: the handlebars, the pedals, and the saddle, it is critical that each of these components be reliable, and properly set up.

The surface finish of SimWorks With Me Al Spacers has been changed from a shot (matte) finish to a glossy polished finish. The specs are the same as before with an ultra-thin specification (outer diameter: 31.8 mm), creating a sleek column area.

The existing shot finish spacers will be discontinued while supplies last.