For everyday explorations: Thunder Strap

SimWorks – Thunder Strap is a general-purpose strap that can be conveniently used with SimWorks racks. The USA has adopted a 20-inch / nylon buckle specification strap manufactured by Voile, which is based in Salt Lake City. Voile has been at the forefront of developing high-quality reputable products for backcountry winter sports applications for decades. These straps were born out of a necessity for mountaineers to confidently lash their climbing and skiing equipment to their packs. The main body of the strap is UV-resistant elastic polyurethane, offering tremendous durability even after years of being out in the sun and inclement weather.

Voile Strap are an essential item in any bikepacking kit

The Voile Strap is the quintessential bikepacker and cyclotourist’s tool. It’s quicker and easier to utilize than a typical compression-style straps, and arguably stronger and more secure.

The Thunder strap will likely take the place of the Pack-it-Right strap that’s been a RAL staple offered by SimWorks for years. Otherwise identical, we felt it was time to revise the branding on the straps to bring it more cohesively in to the SimWorks family of products. Below are some great shots from one of Rie’s bikepacking adventures on the Stagecoach 400 route in the Anza-Borrego desert situated between San Diego and the Salton Sea in California. Rie’s always been great at putting all of our products through some rigorous testing.

More example photos from Stagecoach 400-ish 2021. Everyone’s favorite, do-it-all, attach-it-anywhere, yeah for sure it will hold! -jack of all straps.