Decal Application

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface to remove dirt with cleaner and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Cut out the decal you want to apply.
  3. Peel the top application film and decal together from the plastic backing to expose the adhesive surface.
  4. Pay particular attention to the location of the paste so that you can succeed the first time. Once pasted, it cannot be removed and reapplied.
  5. Once in place, rub your finger from the center of the decal to the edges, being careful not to trap any air bubbles.
  6. Rub the entire decal with a resin squeegee or spatula. Work from the center to the edges, being careful not to move the top application film. Rub the film while holding it firmly to avoid tearing or wrinkling the decal.
  7. Finish by gently and carefully peeling off the top film while making sure that the decal is adhered.
  8. After applying the decal: If there are large air bubbles under the decal, poke it with a needle to remove the air, then rub it to make it stick. Like all pressure transfer decals, it takes several days to reach maximum adhesion.

If you prefer the traditional SimWorks decal arrangement, please refer to the image above.