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T.A.F.U.2 WaterBottle

SimWorks #SWAC3

The restless painter and also a translator for SimWorks, yoshi47’s second T.A.F.U water bottle is now available. “The monsters in everyone’s mind” which he created through his life experience has some pop and curious appearance but also has some darkness on their smiles. However, when you dig their true minds deeper and deeper, you probably regret what behind these monsters are…

These skulls were designed behind the memories of his bike messenger period in San Francisco. It was a time that everyone loves 70’s and 80’s metal music and people loved to wear something represent “evil mind” when they ride around the city. It is time to remember good old days!!!

T.A.F.U. (Totally All F●cked Up) second series are now on your way!
Less smell of polyester, the most popular ‘Purist’ bottle is adopted.
Stay Cool Please!

– Specialized “Purist” bottle of Made in USA
– Easy-to-use spout is also popular with rider.
– Poly container less distinctive that smell, is the water tasty
– 26oz – 737ml


Capacity :26oz (737ml)
Base :Specialized "Purist" BPA Free Bottle
Origin :Made in USA
Price :$15.00- (USD)
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T.A.F.U.2 WaterBottle

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