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Explosion Cap

SimWorks #SW-106

“Let us make our original cycling cap”


SimWorks x Randi Jo Fabrications. Our friendship will never be broken. We would like to proudly present that our original cycling cap by Randi Jo Fabrications now is available on our webshop. We actually tried out to bring some “Explosion cap” to NAHBS 2016, and they were all sold out immediately. We proudly present you to this our first original cycle cap! Original printed twill cloth is used for this cap as well as for package cover of our original NITTO handle bars. You are going to feel the most comfortable fitting for sure because of his long experienced production for cycle cap.


We always like to Clothes to you…


SIZE :Free Size
Material :100% Cotton
MADE IN ELKTON, OREGON BY Randi Jo Fabrications
Price :$36.00-(USD)
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Explosion Cap

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