【SimWorks by Panaracer】 Super Yummy is back in stock!!

Super Yummy is an all-round off-road tire with a tread pattern that balances lightness of rolling with supreme durability and superior traction on varied terrain- created for super cyclists who want to get out and away. 

Almost one year has passed since the tires were released, and it has been well received by many cyclists, including gravel and dirt tourists, as well as trail shredders alike. We are pleased to announce that we have received a long-awaited restock- and are fulfilling orders now!

【SimWorks by Panaracer】 Super Yummy Tire 
$72.00- (USD)

Wheel Size :    650b (584)
Tire Width :    2.22″
Side Wall :    Peanut Butter
Bead : Aramid
Compound :    ZSG Natural Compound
Weight (ave.) : 825g

Consid using the tire for everyday versatile applications on your ATB as well as in rough gravel and long-distance MTB races with high puncture risk, while maintaining the most important lightness of rolling. A belted shield improves anti-puncture performance to another dimension.

 As with our Volummy tires, the sidewalls are SimWorks’ original “peanut butter” colored sidewalls, which boast a benchmark for durability in addition to style points.

🌍Super Yummy in the world!!🌍

@ridesmile ‘s SEVEN / Evergreen SL built by Circles.

Doppo ATB built by Circles

John Watson of The Radavist ‘s SKLARBIKES / All Road

100Tacos Mick’s CRUST / Nor’ Easter

CRUST / Evasion built by Cyclest 

CRUST / Evasion built by BlueLug

Sig.Rando built by grumpy in Hiroshima, Japan

SURLY / 1×1 built by Circles

So, make sure you put it on your bike and show us and the world some love with our #swSuperYummy hashtag- thank you as always.

Please feel free to contact SimWorks at contact@sim-works.com if you have any questions about Super Yummy tires or any of our other fine products.