【Strawfoot】Simple Seat Bag


All Strawfoot products are made by Garrett Kautz, who is a craftsman and produces his bags everyday by his both hands with his concepts of traditional manufacturing method by using genuine fabrics and materials made in USA as much as possible in his studio, Santa Cruz, CA.

This time, we would like to introduce his SIMPLE SEAT BAG which was made for Garrett himself and his ride for the first time.


Simple Seat Bag
67.00 USD

Color: Black x Black, Olive x Oak, Rust x Orange, Oak x Tan
Size : Width : 5cm / Depth : 14cm / Height : 7.5cm
Capacity : about 530ml
Material : Waxed Canvas
Handcrafted in Santa Cruz, California


This is the collaboration work between SimWorks and Strawfoot. Usually they use nylon fabric for their saddle bag, but We asked them to use 2 colors waxed canvas fabric instead. It is a simple structure that has 1 inch width nylon strap in order to attach on a saddle rail. If you dont ride with you bike together, then you can open up the mouth widely and store whatever you think it will fit. The maximum storage capacity is: 29er tube x 1 or rode tube x 2, tire lever, Co2 cylinder.

This Simple Seat Bag which is made for enjoyable ride between off and on road will bring you an amazing ride with its simple look and function.

Please take a look at more information about this bag and Strawfoot work.

All these items are available at your nearest SimWorks USA dealer shops  or our official webstore.