Still wired – SimWorks by Nissen

SimWorks by Nissen

Sorry to have kept you waiting! 70 years has passed since they started their business and Nissen still keeps producing a bicycle cable as a historical domestic maker, and now their products are available at SimWorks U.S.A.

Outer cable lineups from SimWorks are all 3m cut. They are all compatible with wide handle bars and full outer cable bicycles.
There are 2 kinds of stainless outer coil which are for Brake and for Shift. There are 2 kinds of classic looks heritage outer brake cable which are French and Italian.

Stainless Outer Cable
for Brake – 3m $20.00-(USD)
for Shift – 3m $23.50-(USD)

Heritage Outer Cable
French for Brake – 3m $27.50-(USD)
Italian for Brake – 3m $30.00-(USD)

In addition, we have Inner Wire which is known as SP31 for most of the people. It has a special structure being flexible but not stretching at all, and moreover it’s durable and lasts a long time. This is the finest inner cable in any ways in the market!

SP31 Inner Wire
for Brake (Road – Shimano / Sram) 2m x 2pcs $28.00-(USD)
for Brake (MTB) 2m x 2pcs $28.00-(USD)
for Shift (Shimano / Sram) 2.3m x 2pcs $28.00-(USD)

The most prominent characteristic of Nissen cable and wire is supposed to be “Flexible” first.
If it’s flexible, then it means that you are able to route a cable unforcedly and easy to turn, and furthermore, it makes the pull of brake lever much lighter and creates a longevity of a whole system. A cockpit can get messy sometimes, but you can construct unstrained wiring for controlling.
If it’s stainless, then it will add weatherproof, so that it becomes much better for the daily performance.

Moreover, it has a high reliability.
It’s not a simple thing like having a high reliability equals having a high durability. It’s about we don’t sell the prodcuts to the market if it’s not durable. Also, it’s not easy to make something reliable either. We do test perfectly, and examine it. We do inspect the products all over again and again. We don’t spare the extra effort. Nissen cable has a concept which makes our ride safe and secure and it will never be shifted.
When you get the answer of how they make, the reason why, and the techniques they use, it all goes “for the safety”. A passion from Mr.Sadoya/Representative of Nissen cable is devoted for each item and everyone can use it without being unsecured. This is the product that everyone can 100% trust on each other.

Even though an electric shifter and a hydraulic disc brake can become widespread, wire brake will never be exticted. Moreover, just like we see a lot of analog vinyl record factory keeps increasing a number, there are people who need the high quality wire in this sport bicycle industry, and luckily, we have people who produce it in Japan. We can’t let them disappear.

Please contact with, Dealers in the U.S. for availability of SimWorks by Nissen.
Please try this coolest and reliable cable once in your lifetime.