Starlight Cross 2017

On November 3rd, CycleMode Japan hosted Starlight CX. The race was held in Mihama-ku Chiba Park, Chiba, on the coast of Tokyo Bay. With some rainy days over the weekend, it turned more exciting race!

SimWorks CX Racing has FINALLY started its Japanese cyclocross season, being affected by bad weather, and many races were cancelled in the last 2 weeks because of Typhoon no.21 & no.22. One of SimWorks CX team rider Jasmin Ten Have traveled to Chiba to race at Starlight Cross in Makuhari and showed off our beautiful new bike & new race kit!

Starlight CX was a challenging course, one of the amongst the best in Japan. Each lap had 2.5km, riders had to ride through a set of barriers, 3 run-ups, steep downhills, long stretch of grass mud tracks and 2 off-cambers.

The C2 race was 40min and I started off from very far behind on the grid in the 49th position since I have no JCX results for a good starting position.  I had no choice, the 49th out of 51.

The first lap was very busy, but running was extremely beneficial to go around people having to dismount trying to ride the obstacles. On the second lap, intensity stayed high and I paced hard to put extra effort on the long grass section to gain positions. 

I had planned to take my 3rd lap to recover a bit, then put the hammer down for the 4th and 5th lap, but the race time was too short, and the leader finished the race in 32min 45sec after 4 laps.

What about my result?

I was too tired to pass the 3rd lap and forgot to look at the laps remaining.. I finished the race in 36min 43sec for the 23rd position, very satisfied with my effort.


Jasmin Ten Have
SimWorks CX Racing Racer

Special Thanks
Photo By UKI & Haruo