Design is a solution for a demand of our society, and Art is an individual expression.

SimWorks designs our own original products such as handle bars and stems. Those designs have a specific purpose to solve the problem so that we are able to explain the reason why it shapes like that and what the problem is into every single detail with a huge historical background such as political economy and our production system.

On the other hand, in our creation, there is something that we cannot explain by only solving the problems of our production and the society we live. We love to eat good food, listen to good music, dress up in fashionable clothing. This desire and passion have incalculable value which exist beyond our explanation.
Probably this is what’s called, “FUN”, altogether.

ART is one of the concepts we have. It is very much important to have the artists paint our new shop front door shutter and a huge bike rack mural, and also hanging their silk screen art works on our wall. It is something that beyond “looking better”.

Our life cannot be richer without art, just like a bicycle we ride and superb dishes we eat everyday. SimWorks asked two amazing artists to paint our new shop front door shutter and a mural bike rack. Now we have their hand printed silk screen posters on our wall. We simply want to start our life surrounded by art more and more.

Now, we are going to start a new SimWorks label called “SimWorks ART COLLECTIVE”. As a great starter, we would like to introduce Yoshi47 & Washio Tomoyuki, who resides our local area and also expand their name world widely. We are going to have the items we produced before including a new release of hand-printed silk screen poster here.



SimWorks ART COLLECTIVE Silk Screen Poster

“T.A.F.U.” by yoshi47 & “Lazy Parade” by Washio Tomoyuki. These new quality art work is silk screened at the amazing studio in Portland, OR. There are so many details that you are going to be in love with, such as the thickness of ink and a quality of color you cannot find any other cheap poster places.

50 pieces Limited Edition (U.S. 25 pieces only). Coming with serial number and artists’ signature on. The size is 18 x 24 inches (yoshi47) and 18 x 25 inches (Washio Tomoyuki). You are able to get a regular frame for Yoshi47’s poster, but you might need to find a custom frame for Washio’s one.

T.A.F.U.2 water bottle yoshi47 simworks art collective

[SimWorks Original] T.A.F.U. WaterBottle

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[SimWorks Original] T.A.F.U. 2 T-shirt

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Lazy Parade by washio tomoyuki simworks art collective

[SimWorks Original] Lazy Parade T-shirts

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