Road to NAHBS part 2

SimWorks Portland Office

Now, this is going to be the latter part of our Road to NAHBS diary. Basically, you don’t get to read so much words on this blog since there are so many pictures talking the truth. Mr. Ikeyama (who is currently in the U.S. Office) just bought Fuji Film X-T20 for this hand made bike show and took a lot of amazing quality pictures. I thought that he could take even AIR on the photo. Anyways, mine is Canon Eos-Kiss X5, so I was little bit jealous of how he saw the world through his lens. Whatever it is, I hope you could enjoy all the photos we took.


By the way, Oscar who is Cielo frame builder has 8 year-old daughter and she actually participated in Sea Otter Classic 2017 and blew everyone’s mind. She loves bicycle! How fantastic she is!!!

So proud of my baby girl, she was the youngest of her group and rocked her runs. 📸 by @beerbear0510 #seaotterclassic @thebikedads

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