Doppo ATB in rainy Portland.

What we achieved for this VOLUMMY tire are the high durability on its sidecut and lightweight riding for tubeless style. Our Doppo wears 27.5 x 1.75″ tire with Turtle 58 full fender made by Honjo, so that you can ride comfortably anytime in any conditions.

Now we get into a rainy and cold season in Portland. Local bike shops started ordering us the thick tires and suitable fenders everyday.

Some people who love bicycles and variety of life styles and creativities say that we all should get out of this motorized society because it encourages our laziness, and it seems they don’t just ride bicycles for their own hobbies… it must be something that they just really need them in their lives. It means that we, bike makers, are supposed to pursue its comfort, sometimes excitement, and the bike that has everything it needs convinces us its right attitude more than any vehicles. When we see those kind of bikes around, it makes us feel proudly that we are the “Some people” in this world.

Frame & Fork: SimWorks Doppo ATB
Handlebar: SimWorks Marcella Bar
Stem: SimWorks Anna Lee Stem
Seatpost: SimWorks Beatnik Seatpost
Fenders: SimWorks Turtle 58 Fenders
Tires: SimWorks Volummy Tire
Bartapes: SimWorks Sim Roll
Barend Caps: SimWorks Sim Drops
Water Bottles: SimWorks T.A.F.U.3
Brakes: Paul Component
Saddle: WTB
Headset,BB,Hub: Chris King
Crank: White Industries



If you have any questions about these products, Please contactSimWorks USA