【SimWorks by HONJO】Introducing New Fender

A love letter from the City of Roses in Portland, Oregon- where the rainy season lingers on- it’s citizens anxiously awaiting the budding of spring.

Our SimWorks by Honjo products are firing on new cylinders- turning out a couple of highly requested, broad and beautiful mudguard sets to keep cyclists in the Rose City and around world, dry and smiling while cruising on wide footprint rubber.

SimWorks By HONJO
Smooth 74

Wheel Size :    650b (370R) / 700c (385R)
Max Tire Size (Estimate) :    ~58mm
U Stay :    5mm diam.
Color :    Silver / Black

While 650b touring, commuter, and off-road cycles have become more common, the footprint of the tires on these bikes- as well as their 29” big-wheeled older cousins continue to grow. We’re here to provide you stylish protection.

The Smooth 74 fender set will accommodate up to a recommended 58mm tire. Give or take. We dug a treasured sleeping mold out of the Honjo archives. It truly is a thing of beauty. 

Smooth 74 includes a pair of unique sculpted and confidence inspiring dove-stays. Flower HATO as standard. As the name implies, this ample dove-stay beautifully carved with a petal shape, is stout and provides 3 secure fastening points for a reinforced mounting solution for our wider mudguard options.

SimWorks By HONJO
Flat 80

Wheel Size :    27.5″ (380R) / 29″ (390R)
Max Tire Size (Estimate) :    ~2.5″
U Stay :    5mm diam.
Color :    Silver / Black

Conceived and brought to life as a response to the recurring, “I want to run fat tires and fenders” request, we’ve fielded for years, we asked Honjo to provide a wide addition to our Flat profile- manifest here in the Flat 80. With width to eclipse at least a 2.5” tire.

Originally produced for the motos of the 50’s and 60’s, as they say “everything old is new again”- a true Honjo legacy piece, and an emotional trip back to their roots- reinvigorated for the worthy dirt seeking bicycle vagabonds of today.

Various small parts relevant to these new offerings can be obtained separately through SimSolutions.

Flower Hato Front

*Arriving soon
HATO petal shaped dove-stay provides confidence and elegance in a 3-point mounting solution for our larger fender options.

Flower Hato Rear

*Arriving soon
HATO dove-stay is made exclusively for Smooth 74, but with minimal modification through bending could be used with our venerable Smooth 62 mudguards as well.

Diamond Plate

An attractive reinforcement diamond shaped plate for reinforcing your bridge mount on Honjo fenders, this diamond plate will help to distribute stress points over a larger surface area, and provide an attractive silhouette to your fenders surface. Sold as one piece.  *Polished aluminum finish.

The two bikes introduced this time were both installed by Kevin at the famous store in Portland / Golden Pliers. By the way, the first RIVENDELL / Clementine is Kevin’s own everyday bike. This is Real Nice Assemble!

Please email us at contact@sim-works.com for any questions about the product.